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Sk glass concepts

We are one of the prominent authorised dealers of reputed glass companies like Saint Gobain Glass, Modi Glass, and HNG Float Glass. Direct Marketing for leading SKTuff toughened, Insulating, and Lamination Manufacturing Unit. Customers can avail these glasses in bulk and also in numerous customised designs and special effects. Our glass solutions slove your overall day to day requirements with most efficiently and accurately. We provide our services to various malls, hotels, restaurants, health clubs, showroom, shop, offices, appartments, roadways, airport, railways, inderior decorators, architects, etc.
Sk Glass Concepts
Sk Glass Concepts
Sk Glass Concepts
Sk Glass Concepts
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Infrastructural Competence
To carry out the various edgeing/ processing as per the requirement on the glass sheets we are supported by requisite machines stationed at our state-of-the-art unit. Our showroom is spread over an area of 945 sq. ft. that facilitates a better display options from where the customers can choose from.

Our 24*7 working capability is an added feather in our cap, which is equipped with latest machines for carrying out edge work, sandblasting, bevelling, bending etc. in our associate processing unit. Through our competent infrastructure & combined efforts with an associated company, we are projected to achieve an combined Imvekble targets. We are also equipped with computerized designing and customizing facilities within our premises. We have the requisite hardware backup from the reputed brands (Ozone, Goodrej) for frame-less openings, shower enclosures, spider fittings and many other frameless solutions.

Our associated unit is fitted with the following machines:

  • NC Grinding Machine: For aries and straight grinding (max size 3660mm x 2440 mm)
  • NC Bevelling Machine for straight and profile jobs (max size 3660mm x 2440 mm)
  • Blasting Machine
  • Deep Egraving Machine
  • Glass Cutters
  • NC Hole drilling and Slot Cutting Machine
  • Kilnformed and Bending Machine
“With the technical education and past experience of more than a decade in the same trade, we understand the modern glass requirement.”

We have the distinction of associating ourselves with world renowned companies engaged in glass manufacturing. Their reputation and credibility in the market adds credibility to our company as well. This is possible as their products are prior tested for quality and known for durability. The names of our associates from where we procure our products include the following:

Saint Gobain
Our products like Toughened Glass, Molten Glass, Basin & Bowls, Decorative Glass, Glass Furniture, Glasses/ Mirror, Photo Framing Glass, Shower Cubical and Insulating Glass is of premium quality.

This assurance comes from our sources who belong to the top league in Glass industry like Saint Gobain, Modi Glass, HNG Float Glass and SKTuff Glass. Since our products are procured from such renowned names, they come with a quality assurance for reliability.

Advantages of these glasses are:
  • Durable

  • Have high tensile strength

  • Required thickness

  • Clarity

  • Smooth edges

  • Perfect etchings

The glass sheets that we present have resistance to fire, cracks, contraction during toughened temperatures etc.

Projects Across Sectors

With more than 47 years of industry experience of our founder member, we have attained expertise in undertaking all types of projects for the daily requirements of the customers. Our competence is reflected in our ability to take up new and challenging projects and complete them in record time. Over the years we have undertaken and successfully completed more than 400 projects all across the country.

While providing our services we ensure that the creativity aspect is not left behind as it is one of our major strengths. We have taken up projects for our customers based in diverse industries and have the experience of working with some of the biggest names in the country.

Our projects include working for:

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Builder's Apartments

  • Architecture/ Interior Designing Firms

  • Major Brands

  • Clinics

  • Health Clubs

  • Parlours

  • Shopping Malls
Warehouse and Packaging
Since glass products are very fragile and prone to breakage easily, it is important for us to store them at a place that is safe and not damage prone. We have properly segregated sections at our warehouse that results in a streamlined stacking process coupled with proper labeling as well.

We also give due importance to packing of products as it helps in protecting the glass sheets against any damage that might be caused during the transit stage. The products are packed and are surrounded by anti scratch films and thermocol sheets and bubble sheets, in case of crate packing. These helps in giving a cushioning effect in case the box slips and falls the products will come out unscathed.

sk glass concepts
Sk glass concepts
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sk glass concepts
sk glass concepts
sk glass concepts
sk glass concepts
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